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Sureshkumar, Ambili Sureshkumar , Vaishnav Sureshkumar & Nivedya Sureshkumar

Its our personal family site.  Our Family include me myself, Ambili my Wife, Vaishnav our Son and Nivedya our Daughter.

Welcome to the World of Nivedya, Vaishnav, Ambili &Suresh.

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Our Family

We are Sureshkumar, Ambili Sureshkumar
Vaishnav Sureshkumar and Nivedya Sureshkumar.

Our Organization - Aadyah ( The First Choice )

We have a non profitable organization called Aadyah. Aadyah ( The First Choice ). We do things by ourselves without having any help or contributions from any one else or from anywhere else.  This Charitable society is for the children's education in our village.  We do help them for thier education and we think Education is the wealth.

( The The First Choice )


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" Aadyah "
( The First Choice )